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The Guadalupe County Juvenile Facility is a 35 Pre Adjudication detention center located in Seguin, Texas. The detention center provides for the temporary placement of a juvenile who has either been arrested by law enforcement for allegedly committing an offense and the decision has been made that the juvenile should be initially detained OR the juvenile has been found to violate a lawful court order (conditions of release or conditions of probation) and is a danger to himself or others.

As a juvenile detention center, Juvenile Supervision Officers certified by the State of Texas maintain direct supervision for 24 hour care.

Full time staff consists of:

  • Facility Administrator
  • 4 Facility Manager
  • 6 Facility Team Leaders
  • Juvenile Supervision Officers

The detention center focuses on the safety of all juveniles while providing core services. All juveniles attend school, are provided the opportunity for structured physical activity. Juvenile also receive professional counseling and medical services.

At Guadalupe County Juvenile Services, there is an investment in the future of high risk juveniles by focusing on the strengths of each child and providing positive reinforcement and daily feedback related to our behavioral level system. All of our staff role model appropriate social skills while using “teachable moments” to redirect behavior.

Shelly Cameron
Assistant Chief
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5222

Chris Trujillo
Facility Administrator
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5226

Herlinda Rangel
Facility Office Manager
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5220

Paul Smith
Facility Manager
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5219

Krishina Bruns
Detention Night Manager
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5241

Kieyana Aguirre
Detention Compliance Manager
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5216

Aaron Bierstedt
Operations Manager
Phone: 830-303-1274, ext 5207

Facility Control: 830-303-1274, ext 5231

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