Community Supervision and Corrections (CSCD)

Mission Statement and Philosophy

The mission of the Guadalupe County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is to effectively serve the courts and the community by providing a multitude of services responsive to the needs of the offender and the community. Although our primary approach in meeting the needs of the offender is based on rehabilitation and reintegration, our responsibility to the court and community requires our utilization of deterrence, punishment, and restraint when deemed necessary.

The Guadalupe County Supervision and Corrections Department Philosophy is based on holding offenders accountable for their behavior, acknowledging that personal accountability is a prerequisite for change, regardless of the corrections approach required. This philosophy of accountability extends to all personnel of our Supervision and Corrections Department to promote and maintain ethical, just, and responsible supervision services.

  • Some of Our Programs

    The Community Supervision and Corrections Department is commonly referred to as the Adult Probation Department. Probation is punishment used by a Judge in criminal cases. It is the supervised release of a defendant, by the order of a Judge, as long as the defendant complies with certain conditions of supervision.

    • Field Intensive Supervision

    • Community Service Restitution (CSR)

    • Pre-Trial services

    • Sex Offender Supervision
    • DWI Education and Intervention
    • Drug Offender Education (DOEP)
    • Victim Impact Panels (VIP)
    • HRP (High Risk Probation) Court
    • Thinking for a Change Program
    • Mental Health Initiative
    • Substance Abuse Evaluations


    Employees give presentations to classrooms, civic organizations, and leadership groups. Some employees assist by providing information needed or provide training for other CSCDs and professional groups.


    Initiated and coordinates paper recycling for County offices.

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