Repair and Remedy

Repair and Remedy Form

A repair and remedy case is a lawsuit filed by a residential tenant under Chapter 92, Subchapter B of the Texas Property Code to enforce the landlord's duty to repair or remedy a condition materially affecting the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant. The relief sought can be for no more than $10,000 excluding statutory interest and court costs but including attorney fees, if any. (Governed by Rules 500-507 and 509 of Part V of the Rules of Civil Procedure. To the extent of any conflict between Rule 509 and the rest of Part V, Rule 509 applies).

How to File a Repair and Remedy Case

New Rules for Justice Courts

Statement of Inability to Afford Court Costs

Document Fee Schedule

Document Title

Filing Fee (1)

Service Fee (2)

Debt Claim Petition $46.00 $85.00
Eviction Petition $46.00 $85.00
Abstract of Judgment (per page) $5.00 N/A
Subpoena (plus $10 attached to the summons for each witness) N/A $85.00
Repair and Remedy Petition $46.00 $85.00
Small Claim Petition $46.00 $85.00
Subpoena N/A $85.00
Writ of Execution $5.00 $275.00
Writ of Garnishment $46.00 $275.00
Writ of Possession (per hour) N/A $80.00
Writ of Restoration of Utility Service $46.00 $85.00
Writ of Re-Entry $46.00 $85.00
Writ of Retrieval N/A $85.00
Towing Administrative Hearing N/A $30.00

(1)"Filing Fees" are charged per case filed, not by the number of persons/parties named in the lawsuit or claim.

(2)"Service Fees" must be multiplied by the number of person/parties to be served. The above quoted service fee amount is for service by Guadalupe County Constables. The cost of service by other agencies my differ.

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