All Visitors must provide valid photo identification

Proper identification includes:

  • A current state driver's license

  • Military I.D. Card

  • Passport

  • Any valid picture I.D. issued by a city, county, state or government agency

Visitation Hours:

Effective 6/1/10 our visitation schedule will be based on the inmates first letter of their last name

  • A-L will have visits on Fridays and Sundays
  • M-Z will visit on Saturdays and Mondays
  • Male visitation hours are 0830am to 1030am and 1200pm to 400pm (there will be no visits from 1030 to 1200)
  • Female visitation hours are from 800pm to 10pm

Visitation Policies

  • Inmates may receive two (2) visits per week for a period of twenty (20) minutes per visit and a total of (40) forty minutes per week. No single visit of forty (40) minutes will be authorized under any circumstances.
  • A visit may be denied to any person if the visitor or inmate fails to comply with the visiting rules, or when there is reason to believe the visit may not be in the best interest of the security of the facility.
  • The Shift Commander may approve a special visit for immediate family members only who travel a verifiable distance greater than one hundred (100) miles radius from Seguin. This family member does not have to be listed on your visitation card, but must be verified as an immediate family member. In some cases proof of relationship may be required (i.e., marriage license, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Signing up for a visit will begin 15 minutes prior to the start of visiting hours till 45 minutes prior to the end of visitation hours.
  • A responsible adult listed on your visitation card MUST accompany visiting children (16 years old or younger). Children will never be left unattended by an adult anywhere on the premises.
  • A conservative dress code is enforced at all times: Visitors will not be permitted to visit in revealing (bust, belly or underwear) clothing, including tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shirts, short shorts or “ see-through” attire. Approving authority on proper attire is the Front Desk Detention Officer.
  • YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANYTHING INTO THE FACILITY EXCEPT YOUR IDENTIFICATION AND YOUR KEYS. This includes but is not limited to food, drinks, cameras/camcorders, cellular phones, backpacks, diaper bags, purses.

  • WARNING: If found in violation of any of these sections you can and will be banned from visiting any inmates in the Guadalupe County Adult Detention Center.

Attorney Visits

Attorney visits are for Attorneys to visit with their clients not their family members (unless they are representing them in an actual case). Failure to comply with this will result in your attorney visit privileges being pulled.

You may visit your client anytime 24 hrs a day unless there is an emergency within the facility. Coming during the following hours there will be a delay due to headcounts and feeding:

  • 0700-0800

  • 1030-1130

  • 1630-1730

  • 1900-2000

  • 0330-0430

If you come after hours and the visitation door is locked please check in with dispatch and they will notify the Jail.

You need not be listed on your client’s visitation card.

You must present a valid driver’s license and your bar card. You will not be allowed to visit without your state issued bar card.