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We prefer to make settings and conduct routine business by email so we encourage you to use this site as much as possible when interacting with the Court.

All civil cases must mediate before a jury trial, and all divorces and suits affecting the parent/child relationship must mediate before a trial on the merits, either jury or non-jury.

Judge Kirkendall was district attorney until December 31, 2004 and therefore has recused himself from any criminal case that occurred prior to January 1, 2005.

Under the Local Rules, before seeking a setting, counsel MUST confer with opposing counsel and either agree on a setting or certify that they cannot agree.

Under Section 24.017, Government Code, most civil non-jury matters may be heard in any county in the district. Please contact the if you wish a motion to be heard in a county other than the one in which the case is filed.

Common forms that Judge Kirkendall uses or requires are under the "District Court Forms" link. Please be familiar with these prior to any hearing requiring their use.

If you are a pro se petitioner in a divorce case (that is, representing yourself without a lawyer), you must follow the Pro Se Divorce Instructions on this site. Please do not contact the Court for legal advice; we are prohibited from giving any.

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